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Radio Host: Ferguson a Government Plot to Take Away Guns and Start a Civil War

Radio host Rick Wiles spoke with Larry Pratt of Gun Owners for America on Tuesday and suggested that the government may be using the Ferguson unrest to usher in new gun control laws and possibly start a civil war.

“I was thinking how easily something like this could get out of control and there’s gunfire in the cities, if they go into the suburban neighborhoods and begin burning buildings and upsetting cars, homeowners are going to come out with their firearms and begin defending their property,” Wiles said. “And that sets the stage for Emperor Obama to say, ‘We have to get guns off the streets and this Congress has refused to implement my gun control legislation, therefore by executive order I am doing this, this and this.”

Pratt replied, “If he were to do something like that, I think he would trigger, very likely would trigger, a response that would completely put him back on his heels… precisely somebody talking the way you just hypothesized is why they have their guns, so they can protect themselves from tyrants.”

“And the more this guy wants to look like a tyrant the more he’d better stay within Washington D.C., because if he starts trying to put his imprint on the rest of the country in terms of gun control, that will be a game-changer,” Pratt added.

Wiles then alleged that “delusional” Obama is on a “mission to start a civil war.”

Pratt agreed, saying Obama is looking to “bring the system down.”

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