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Pregnant Woman Loses Eye After Ferguson Cop Shoots Her in the Face With Bean Bag

A St. Louis woman has lost her left eye after a St. Louis County police officer shot her in the face with a beanbag during the town’s protest over the Darren Wilson decision.

On Tuesday, Dornella Conners of St. Louis and her boyfriend, Deangelis Lee, drove into Ferguson to attend the rally for Michael Brown after the Darren Wilson announcement.

As they pulled into a BP parking lot, a crowd gathered and police swept in to clear the area following reports of gun fire.

Reports say 16 people were arrested in the vicinity of the BP station.

According to Conners, as they tried to drive away, police blocked them for both directions.

Police say Conners drove toward them and they shot a non-lethal weapon to try and stop the vehicle.

The beanbag shattered the passenger-side window and hit Conners in the face.

“I understand they have a tough job, and I understand it was chaos, but there was no reason to fire upon an innocent person sitting in a vehicle,” her father, Donnell Conners, told reporters.

Doctors were unable to save her eye and the vision in her right eye remains blurry.

“My sister can now only see one side of things, literally,” her sister, Tikal Goldie, said.

Despite her ordeal, St. Louis County police have issued an arrest warrant for Lee for allegedly trying to run down officers.

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