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‘I Hate N*ggers. That is All’: 5 Cops’ Texts Released as Probe Finds Years of Racist Messages

Five deputies at the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department are under investigation for sending racist text messages while on duty.

On Tuesday, Sheriff Phil Plummer announced that Captain Thomas J. Flanders (pictured above) and Detective Michael J. Sollenberger, two of the five deputies being investigated, have been placed on paid administrative leave indefinitely.

Flanders had been in charge of Montgomery County Jail. Sollenberger is a member of the SWAT team and a detective for the internal affairs unit.

The other three deputies have not been identified nor disciplined.

The texts are said to have been sent between November 2011 and January of last year.

“The N-word was used several times as well as other racial slurs and jokes. Racism will not be tolerated in this officer,” Plummer said.

According to WKEF, one message read, “What do apples and black people have in common? They both hang from trees.”

Another simply said, “I hate n*ggers. That is all.”

“Very simply put, they’re n*ggers, son,” another deputy wrote.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department code of ethics does not ask that officers “never act officiously or permit personal feelings, prejudices, animosities, or friendship to influence decisions.”

Plummer says that the five men were shocked when they were confronted about the texts but added that they “did not apologize.”

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