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Fox News Host: Minority Communities Need to be ‘More Sensitive’ to Cops

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro discussed relations between minority communities and police on her show Sunday, saying that people need to be “trained” to be more “sensitive” to officers.

On her show, “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” Pirro asked her viewers, “Do police need to be retrained on how to be sensitive to the ‘minority community?'”

A viewer wrote, “Why is it always necessary to top toe around the minority community?”

Another viewer wrote, “No enough is enough. The general public needs to be trained to be more sensitive to police and show them the respect they deserve.”

“I agree,” Pirro replied.

She went on to another response, a viewer who wrote, “Sure do. I seriously doubt this man would have been treated so harsh if he were white.”

“You’re wrong,” Pirro shot back. “Did you notice the African American cop standing around?”

Another viewer named Jordan wrote, “Yes, those cops were racial profiling.”

“Hey Jordan, you don’t even know what racial profiling is,” Pirro replied. “That’s when race is used to engage law enforcement in the minority community. But offender profiling is when an offender is ID’d by a description including his race, which is the only way to investigate some of these cases.”\

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