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Tony Perkins: We’ll Win Fight Against Gay Marriage Because We’re On The ‘Side of the One Who Wrote History’

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins appeared on the “Point of View” radio show this week to discuss the recent Vatican gay marriage conference and claim that his experience at the event convinced him that anti-gay marriage activists are “on the side of the one who wrote history.”

Perkins claimed that President Obama, “more than any president in the history of this country, will be recorded as undermining the culture and the fabric and foundation of this country.”

He said that his experience at the Vatican summit reminded him of halftime at a football game and anti-gay activists are now “ready to go back out on the field and win the game.”

“This was a moment to step back and get it into perspective of world history, human history, and say ‘you know what? Were are on the winning side,” Perkins said. “This idea that we’re on the wrong side of history, no. We’re on the side of the one who wrote history and we will prevail in this.”

Of course, Perkins doesn’t seem to be on the side of the ones who write federal court decisions as the vast majority of federal judges to hear such cases have struck down state gay marriage bans and the Supreme Court has been unwilling to intervene.

It does make you wonder though, how many far right fringe nuts said the same thing about being on the right side of history and “the one that wrote history” when the Civil Rights Act was making its way through Congress.

[H/T Right Wing Watch]

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