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University Professor Complains About Northern ‘Fagoot’ Elitism, ‘Filthy Rodent Muslims’

A senior lecturer at Florida State University’s College of Business has resigned after posting a horribly racist and homophobic diatribe on Facebook.

Over the weekend, Deborah O’Connor took to Facebook to respond to a post by Colin Lively about the Justice Department’s investigation into the police shooting of a 12-year-old boy in Cleveland.

O’Connor responded, “YOU elected POTUS, Holder et al. And they are supposed to represent all Americans, not just blacks. Why don’t these ass clowns insert themselves into their stories?”

After several responses, O’Connor shot back, “take your Northern fagoot [sic] elitism and shove it up your ass. You are an intellectual fraud, just like your Messiah. Obama has single-handedly turned our once great society into a Ghetto Culture, rivaling that of Europe. France is almost at war because of his filthy rodent Muslims who are attacking Native Frenchmen and women. I teach at a University, you a—hole, what do you do?”

Well, she didn’t stay teaching at a university for long.

She submitted her resignation after the incident, claiming the online exchange was “the only black mark” on her career.

“I sense that the path of least resistance is for me to resign to forestall a litigation, although I must emphasize that I do not believe the punishment first the ‘crime,’” she wrote.

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