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Black Cops in New York Feel Threatened by Fellow Officers When They’re Off Duty

A Reuters investigation has revealed that even black police offers feel threatened by other cops when they’re off-duty.

Reuters interviewed 25 African-American officers and all but one told the agency that they have been victims of racial profiling while off-duty.

Officers said that they have been pulled over for no reason and even had their heads slammed into their cars and had guns pointed at them. Others reported being stopped and frisked while shopping and being thrown into prison vans.

Five officers said they had guns pulled on them.

Former Los Angeles Police Department chief Bernard Parks defended racial profiling to Reuters, saying, “If you want to get into the essence of why certain groups are stopped more than others, then you only need to go to the crime reports and see which ethnic groups are listed more as suspects. That’s the crime date the officers are living with.”

Raw Story, however, points out that 90 percent of all black people stopped by the NYPD are not charged with any crime.

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