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Columnist: Obama ‘Stands With the Terrorists,’ ‘Supports Islamic Bloodlusters’

Right-wing loon Sher Zieve has penned another classic BarbWire column, this time asserting that President Obama didn’t attend the Paris march to condemn the Charlie Hebdo attacks because he supports the terrorists.

“Along with millions of others, I watched almost all the Western world’s leaders–save one–standing in Paris against Islamists and for the right to free speech after the malevolent and bloody onslaught,” Zieve writes. “I thought it interesting and potentially stalwart but, then asked myself why didn’t these leaders stop the influx of ravenous and unrelenting Islam into their countries earlier? I also thought–as I suspect most if not all of the world leaders did–that Obama stands with the Islamic terrorists…not with the humans…and he always has. I hope all of the aforementioned leaders know that now.”

“Because he support [sic] the Islamic bloodlusters and the march didn‘t glorify him, Obama was a no-show and instead sent lackey Eric Holder–who made the statement that the Obama regime (aka syndicate) is ‘at war with lone wolf terrorists,’” she continued. “I guess that means they didn’t really care about the multiple terrorists performing attacks in Paris. Eric Holder looked bored and not at all pleased to be there. The Obama syndicate will not be swayed by what Big Boss Obama considers to be unimportant and petty attacks on our neighbors and allies while he is working to totally destroy the USA and subjugate its people with his growing Police State. Besides, as mentioned before, it wasn’t about him anyway and he wouldn’t be able to take his ‘selfies’ with world leaders. Darn!”

She then goes on to call Obama a “tyrant” and calls for “We-the-People” to “rise up.”

“There is only one government branch larger than the ObamaGov…and that’s us,” Zieve concluded. “It’s time we started marching in earnest to stop the tyrants in their track. If Egypt can do it… why can’t we? So let it be written… so let it be done.”

Of course, Egypt overthrew a dictator before overthrowing another pseudo-dictator and are now left with a military dictator. So, yeah, Sher, sounds like a good role model.

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