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Columnist: ‘All Muslims’ Support Terrorism and Want to Destroy the West

Columnist Erik Rush has penned a new piece for right-wing “news” site WorldNetDaily, claiming that every Muslim in the world supports terrorism and hopes to end Western civilization.

Rush wrote that there is no “distinction that exists between Islam and ‘radical Islam,’” adding that “all Muslims are part of this diabolical design of supplanting Western civilization with an Islamic one.”

“No sooner had reports of the horrific attack on the office of the Paris satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo by Islamist commandos coalesced last week, than politicians and media talking heads began qualifying their accounts with liberal use of phraseology intended to obscure the fact that these mass murderers were Muslims,” Rush writes. “In some cases, these parties do not wish to be labeled ‘Islamophobic.’ In other cases, they are deluding themselves in there being some operative distinction that exists between Islam and ‘radical Islam.’”

Rush isn’t big on this nuanced approach, apparently, insisting that, “Islam has a 1,400-year history of not playing well with others – of executing the same methodology in subjugating nations across the globe as they are currently executing in the West. I believe that there are many people of good conscience who deny the truth about Islam because if they acknowledged it, they would have to accept remedies to the threat that would be distasteful to them.”

Then Rush really brings it home, labeling 1.2 billion people as diabolical terror-supporters.

“The truth?” Rush asks. “Considering the character of Islam at its core, all Muslims are part of this diabolical design of supplanting Western civilization with an Islamic one, indeed, whether they believe it or not. Few may become full-blown jihadis, but rest assured that most of them advocate what the full-blown jihadis are doing – and polling data of Muslims clearly reflects this.”

That’s cute how he cited “polling data” as if there are surveys showing 1.2 billion people supporting “full-blown jihadis.”

But of course, this is all Obama’s fault.

“Obama has been furiously importing Muslims into the U.S.” Rush claims, claiming that “ongoing Muslim-fomented civil unrest” is becoming inevitable.

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