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South Carolina Cop Caught on Video Repeatedly Punching Man Lying Face Down on the Ground

A South Carolina police officer has been suspended after a video surfaced showing him attacking a man who is lying face down on the ground.

The video shows investigator Tyrone Pugh hitting a man at least five times while he is on the ground.

“Why are you punching him?” a woman is heard yelling.

“Back the f-ck up!” the Pugh shouts back.

Robyn Fogg, who shot the video, told The State, “He said ‘I didn’t do anything.’ He wasn’t resisting. I think it was unnecessary. Two other cops there were aggressive but not like that.”

Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook told The State that five off-duty officers were working security at the Columbia Soundstage when a fight broke out in the parking lot. One of the officers crossed the line after a confrontation and was suspended and will be investigated by the department.

Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin told The State, “I know there are multiple sides to the story. {The video} left me gravely concerned as to what the possible circumstances might have been, and I shared that with the chief and he acted accordingly.”

Holbrook suspended Pugh without pay pending an investigation by the department and an independent investigation by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

The man who was punched was not arrested. Two other men were arrested and charged for fighting.

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