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Video Shows NJ Cops Fatally Shooting Unarmed Black Man as He Tries to Surrender During Traffic Stop

Newly released dashboard cam footage shows New Jersey police officers shooting and killing an unarmed black man as he surrendered with his hands up during a traffic stop.

On December 30, Bridgeton police pulled over a car in which Jerame Reid was a passenger.

According to prosecutors, “during the course of the stop a handgun was revealed and later recovered” but eyewitnesses said two officers fired on Reid as he exited the vehicle with his hands up.

Witness Tahli Dawkins told the Press of Atlantic City that he saw the officers yell “Don’t f-ing move!” before opening fire without any provocation.

Another witness, Denzel Mosley, told KYW-TV that Reid’s hands were “in plain sight” but Officers Braheme Days and Roger Worley shot at him anyway.

Now, the video, which was obtained by Press of Atlantic City, has confirmed the eyewitness accounts.

Officers did in fact recover a handgun from the glove compartment before Reid exited the vehicle. The video reportedly shows Reid then exiting the vehicle with his hands raised before Days and Worley shot him at least six times.

Reid’s family’s attorney, Conrad Benedetto, told the paper, “you see that there was no threat to the officer and no weapons in the victim’s hands.”

National Awareness Alliance founder Water Hudson said, “the video speaks for itself that at no point was Jerame Reid a threat and he possessed no weapon on his person. He complied with the officer and the officer shot him.”

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