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Radio Host: Obama Used Subliminal Islamic Messages in State of the Union

The American Family Association’s Sandy Rios strongly believes President Obama is a secret Muslim, so much so that she was apparently the only one to catch his subliminal messages to Muslims in the State of the Union address.

On her radio show, a caller told Rios that Obama said he met America’s “newest officers at West Point, Annapolis, Colorado Springs, and New London,” which the listener said is a lie because “Fort Collins is the Air Force Academy, not Colorado Springs.”

Aside from the fact that what the caller said is nonsense and the Air Force Academy is right outside of Colorado Springs, Rios quickly jumped on the opportunity to claim this was somehow related to the President’s “secret faith.”

Rios said that Obama is spreading Muslim messages by using the word “pillar” to describe the country’s leadership in the world.

“The other thing he said that I caught, he has done this before, you know there are five pillars of Islam, and he used the term ‘pillars’ again in his speech last night,” Rios said, completely seriously. “It is just really interesting, language can actually give us some insight, choices of words.”

Can’t get one by Sandy.

Of course, if Obama is a secret Muslim, George Bush is a secret super-Muslim given his “three pillars” speech.

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