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Outrage After Second-Grade Teacher Shows 7-Year-Olds ‘Boondocks’ Video of MLK Lecturing ‘N*ggers’

An Arkansas teacher is under investigation for showing her second-grade class a video filled with racial slurs.

On Wednesday, two days after Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Cedarville teacher Lynn Schumacher showed her class a YouTube video from Adult Swim’s “Boondocks” series that imagines Martin Luther King lecturing what he calls “n*ggers.”

In the clip, the King character tells a crowd, “It’s the ugliest word in the English language, but that’s what I see now; n*ggers. And you don’t want to be a n*gger, because n*ggers are living contradictions. N*ggers are full of unfulfilled ambitions, n*ggers wax and wane, n*ggers love to complain, n*ggers love to hear themselves talk but hate to explain.”

One parent told KFSM that the teacher showed the kids a sanitized version of the video called “It’s Martin Luther King Day, Charlie Brown” which uses dubbed-over dialogue from the show Peanuts but the school district’s superintendent found that the teacher showed the class the original video too.

Superintendent Dan Foreman says the teacher made a mistake when she first played the original video and didn’t realize she was doing anything wrong.

Foreman said that all outside materials have to be reviewed by the principal and he will review whether to discipline Schumacher for not having the video approved.

Watch the Video (Language Warning, NSFW!):

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