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Seattle Police Pepper Sprayed Teacher ‘For Walking Too Close’

A Seattle high school teacher has filed a lawsuit against the city after a police officer pepper sprayed him directly in the face as he was leaving a rally on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Jesse Hagopian spoke at the Black Lives Matter event on January 19. As he was talking on his phone on his way out, he passed a police officer who was yelling at passersby.

Video of the incident shows multiple officers ordering a small crowd to disperse and setting up a barricade with their bicycles.

The video shows an officer yelling “stand back, stand back” as she readies a can of pepper spray.

Even though Hagopian walks past them and doesn’t attempt to cross the barricade, video shows him and a woman walking next to him get pepper sprayed directly in the face.

“I felt a piercing pain shoot through my eye, my ear drum, and my nostril, all over my cheek and face,” Hagopian told KOMO. “I yelled out. My mom was in distress as she heard me yell.”

The officer continued to spray the crowd even after witnesses tried to help passersby that were sprayed for no reason.

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