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RNC Official Says Removing School Prayer Caused Increase in ‘Assault, Rape, Murder’

An Iowa Republican National Committee member appeared on the ‘View from the Pew’ radio show last week to claim that the removal of prayer from school resulted in an increase in students committing violent crimes.

RNC committeewoman Tamara Scott told the audience that, “When the prayer came out in the ‘70s – and that’s one of the things that I prayed for last week in Louisiana with 6,000 people (at Gov. Bobby Jindal’s prayer rally): repentance. Because we as a church should have never let that happen, we should never have allowed prayer to be taken out of our schools.”

Scott went on to reference conservative dingbat activist David Barton, adding, “Since we’ve done that, David Barton has done studies and research that in your schools, the crimes used to be gum, tardiness, and talking. Now it is assault, rape, murder. We’re dealing with much more difficult issues.”

“We’ve taken the bible out and the schools are now groping for something to replace it,” she concluded. “And in its place with all kinds of bad law on top of bad law that only oppress us and make us all victims to possible fine and punishment for somebody else’s cause.”

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