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WV Republican Says Rape Can Be ‘Beautiful’ if it Produces a Child

A Republican lawmaker in West Virginia went off his rocker on Thursday, claiming that rape can be “beautiful” if it results in the birth of a child.

State Delegate Brian Kurcaba said, “Obviously rape is awful,” but added, “What is beautiful is the child that could come from this,” according to Charleston Gazette reporter David Gutman.

Kurcaba made the statement during a debate over a bill that would ban all abortion after 20 weeks in West Virginia, which was later passed.

The bill already passed last year but was vetoed by Democratic Governor Earl Ray Tomblin.

Not only has the state’s Republican Party revived the bill, they’ve voted to remove any exceptions for rape and incest victims.

Kurcaba’s comment are reminiscent of what Indiana Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock said in 2012, telling an audience, “I think that even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that is something God intended to happen.”

No surprise, Mourdock lost.

Kurcaba, a financial adviser at Edward Jones, was elected to office in November.

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  • WeeGgeordie

    This man’s values are seriously conflicted. Rape is NEVER a good thing.

  • Delson

    Boycott Delegate Brian Kurcaba’s employer. He is employed as a Financial Advisor by Edward Jones. His employer must agree with him. Ask your employer to not use this company. with this “Rape can be beautiful” advocate

    • Jose Alago-Soto

      I don’t support his views at all, but, If they were to fire him simply because of his personal beliefs that would be discrimination. Which last time i checked is illegal.

  • Carolyn Sells Smith

    I think you are messing the point———-RAPE is horrendous,but if by chanse you are inpregnated, how can you say the baby is horrendous? BABIES ARE BEAUTIFUL.

  • Melissa

    I don’t think that he is conflicted. He is stating facts. Rape IS horrible. Babies ARE beautiful. I do believe in *Choice*, but I do believe what they are trying to do is prevent abortions after half of a pregnancy is complete. I may be reading this wrong. You are welcome to judge and criticize me, but this is what media does. They take one sentence and turn it into something completely different that intended. In a world where people are using abortion as a form of birth control, the government is trying to put a few controls back into the system. I don’t disagree with that. Could his verbiage been better? Yes. Could he have had a little more tact in what he said? Yes. But may I see the original article where this sentence was taken from? May I see the original video this is taken from? Until that point, can we quit judging people based on something that someone said that someone has said or done. Until we can see what people are doing/saying in context, we should definitely hold our stones in this glass house we are living in. Myself included.

    • Dave Hinckley

      People take Obama’s statements out of context, and that’s OK. But this guy gets a pass and you defend him? Not OK.

      • Melissa

        Please be a doll and re-read my ENTIRE post. 🙂

        • Kim

          Melissa, you are correct!!! Abortion after 20 weeks is what is says!! That’s sick/murder!!! I mean really the baby has a head!!

          • Melissa

            I completely agree! I have a friend who’s babies were both born before 30 weeks and they are thriving teenagers now. We cannot discount the lives that are inside!

  • Jon Noltie

    False headline, that is not actually what he said. The article has the correct quote but a lot of people will be lazy and not read it.