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Radio Host: ‘The Real Experts’ Know Evolution Has Been ‘Disproven’

Sandy Rios of the American Family Association claimed that “science has done nothing but disprove the theory of evolution” on her radio show Friday.

Discussing Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker being mocked by George Will and other media commentators for refusing to answer whether he believes in evolution, Rios defended the likely presidential candidate.

“There is no scientific evidence” to legitimize the theory of evolution, Rios claimed, at least according to “the real experts.”

So why do we “sciencey” types continue to cling to this apparently disproven theory? Rios says it’s our religion.

“Evolution has become the religion of the elite,” Rios said. “It’s a religion to the [level of] fanaticism of what they would say was the people at the Scopes monkey trial, the Christians waving their Bibles who were not really thinking through the facts, they were just outraged because it was God’s law.”

“The truth of the matter is that evolutionists like George Will, waving their evolutionary theory, have become as rabid and unreasoned as what they accuse the Scopes monkey religionists of doing to Darwin during that time,” she claimed. “It has become a religion. Science has disproven so much of evolution… These guys are wrong, Scott Walker is right.”

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  • Max Newman

    Must be nice to be taken seriously by anyone when you make outrageous claims with nothing to back them up. She never once mentioned who she considers the real experts to be other than Scott Walker. Fox News is like watching a parade comprised of the dumbest people in America.

  • LyndaLBD

    The American Family Association is a Christian Organization, teaching the bible to those willing to listen. James Dobson and company have been working to discredit Science in its proven theory that Evolution does not exist, yet Creationism should be taught in school. Someone forgot to mention that THE AMERICAN FAMILY ASSOCIATION IS A CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATION! As usual, they are interfering with the American Educational System with their myths and half truths.