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Tea Party Leader: Obama ‘Hates This Nation,’ ‘Insanely Claims America is a Muslim Nation’

Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation has penned a new column in The Washington Times, defending Rudy Giuliani’s claim that President Obama does not love America, adding that Obama downright hates the country and “wants to help the Islamists.”

“Rudy Giuliani shocked the left wing media that acts as a palace guard for Barack Obama this week. He spoke a simple truth,” Phillips writes. “Mr. Giuliani said that conservatives have been saying for years: Mr. Obama doesn’t love America.”

“Liberals scream when their patriotism is questioned,” he says. “While they have no compunction about questioning the patriotism of real Americans, they act as if real Americans cannot possibly question their patriotism. Yes, real Americans can because their patriotism is non-existent.”

He goes on to list the “unpatriotic acts” that “Obama has committed,” including “calling conservatives domestic terrorists, to policies designed to undermine the American economy to his release of terrorists so they can return to jihad against America.”

“Obama insanely continues to claim America is a Muslim nation,” he claims. “Mr. Obama will not name Islamic terrorism as a threat America faces. Americans have been kidnapped and killed by Islamists and what does Mr. Obama want to do? He wants to help the Islamists.”

“Mr. Obama does not love this nation,” Phillips concludes. “He hates this nation. He is not a patriot. He is the opposite of a patriot.”

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  • shirleyndennis

    When will the few Republicans that still possess a brain stand up against these extremist tea party jerks? They will be the ruination of our country. I am so tired of their hate filled rants! If anyone hates America, it is them!

  • Dave Hinckley

    Someone help me. What is it about this President that makes people hate him so much? I don’t understand.

    • Gary Dawson

      Gee I don’t know think it is his skin color or his intellect threatening since they have none.