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Tea Party Radio Host: Black Lawmakers Should Be ‘Hanging From a Noose’ For Boycotting Netanyahu Speech

Tea Party-affiliated radio host Andrea Shea King told her listeners that the Democratic representatives who boycotted Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the Capitol, the Congressional Black Caucus in particular, should be lynched.

“Obama doesn’t have to run for reelection again, a lot of these guys do,” King said. “Listen, I would like to think that these guys could pay with their lives, hanging from a noose in front of the U.S. Capitol Building.”

“Because what they are doing is they are putting their own interests above that of America,” she ranted. “And to me, that is criminal. Criminal!”

“Most of those members who are opting out of attending the speech are members of the Congressional Black Caucus,” she added, before noting that the reason most of the members got elected in the first place was because voters in their “districts are all dumb clucks.”

“How do people like this get elected to represent us in Congress?” she asked no one in particular. “Because there are stupid people out there in those congressional districts who are so ignorant that it’s dangerous. Because these people that they elect into Congress vote, and when they vote, their vote affects us!”

Unsure of whether she is angrier at “heinous people who occupy the halls of Congress or the dumb clucks that put them there.”

“Stupid, stupid people!” she cried. “Our lives are on the line and all they can think of is skin color. You know, all of us are going to turn black if we end up in a cage on fire! Stupid people!”

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