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Ark. Republican Who Gave Girls Away to Rapist ‘Regularly’ Performed Exorcisms on Kids in His Daycare

The Arkansas lawmaker who gave his adopted daughters away to a man who raped one of them reportedly had exorcisms performed on children in his federally funded Pre-K center.

KNWA reports that a former employee of Justin Harris’ Growing God’s Kingdom preschool says the lawmaker and his wife Marsha would routinely cast out “demons” from students.

The former teacher told KNWA, “If they got in too much trouble, they would pray on the kids, do a circle around them, and put their hands on their heads, saying, trying to rebuke demons.”

The teacher reportedly worked at the school from five months in 2013 but was fired after she confronted them about their methods for disciplining kids.

“I had another teacher there that had me take a child down to the office and whenever I did, they did it right there in front of me,” she recalled.

The teacher says Marsha Harris regularly and openly talked about their adopted daughters whom they later gave away to Eric Francis, who raped the older one, aged 6. Harris believed the girls were possessed by demons and were dangerous to her biological children.

The Harrises have come under fire for “re-homing” the adopted girls but also taking them in in the first place after they were warned that they came from a traumatic home where they were abused and molested.

The girls’ former foster mother said Harris dismissed the concerns.

“The problem was simple hubris,” she said. “He saw it as, ‘I’m with God. God’s going to solve this.”

“There are lots of children you could adopt,” she added. “You don’t need to take the most traumatized ones out of the system. He was told by many people in DHS, ‘These are not the kids you want to just jump into.’ That’s why I’m angry. I knew [the older daughter] wouldn’t last five minutes there.”

Harris has also come under the scrutiny of the federal government for taking federal funds he wasn’t eligible for because he runs a religious institution. His daycare reportedly receives $900,000 per year in federal money.

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