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Michigan Cop ‘Raped Woman in Bed With Infant Daughter,’ Called Her a ‘Ghetto Piece of Sh*t’

At a hearing last week, a Michigan woman testified that a former Grand Rapids police officer raped her after meeting her on an online dating service.

The unnamed victim testified that she met 24-year-old Ryan Bruggink on an online dating site and dated him for several months.

She said that Bruggink insisted on coming to her house one night after the breakup last November despite her telling him, “No, don’t come over.”

She told the court that the then-officer forced his way into her house and began looking through her things. He allegedly flashed his badge and said it gave him the right to search her belongings.

She says that Bruggink then came into her bedroom and raped her on the bed where her 7-month-old infant was sleeping.

According to her testimony, Bruggink called her a “ghetto piece of sh*t” and told her he hated that he loved her.

She convinced him to move into another room where the former cop continued to hit, choke, and rape her.

“I couldn’t breathe,” she testified. “I couldn’t even talk. I was fighting him. He grabbed me and turned me around on the couch by my neck and put my face into the arm of the couch. I told him, ‘No.’ I told him stop, and he was holding my hands behind me, and then he just kept trying to get it in. He had to let go of one of my hands and that’s when I punched him.”

“I was scared to call the police,” she recalled. “He was police.”

Bruggink faces three counts of criminal sexual conduct and one count of first-degree home invasion.

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