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Watching the Duggars Teach Their 22-Year-Old Daughter to Kiss is the Most Cringe-Worthy Thing You Can’t Unsee

On TLC’s ’19 Kids and Counting,’ Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar taught their daughter and her teenage fiancée how to kiss and it was awkwardness at its finest.

The segment, which was recorded before the couple married in November, showed the couple teaching 22-year-old Jessa Duggar and her fiancée, 19-year-old Ben Seewald, how to kiss – since they apparently saved their first kiss for their wedding.

“Both of you’ll like the physical relationship but (for) the guy (it) will be kind of like the main focus,” Jim Bob explained to his daughter and her fiancée. “But for a woman, communicating is the most important thing, and so taking time each day to communicate – that will mean the world to her.”

The young couple agrees, though Seewald admits he sometimes gives Jessa the “silent treatment.”

“We like to talk, but it’s more than just talking,” Seewald said. “You can be talking, but you’ve also got to communicate.”

Wise beyond his years, that one.

Seewald explained why they are saving their first kiss for their wedding, saying, “We think that it could lead to some stuff that we’re really trying to avoid before our wedding, and so we just think it’s wise for us to hold off.”

Then Jim Bob and Michelle stood up to show the younger couple how to kiss.

“Let me show y’all the best way to kiss here,” Jim Bob said. “If you kiss straight-on, your noses hit together – see? So you have to turn – she turns one way, I turn the other.”

Jessa and Seewald giggle. Did we mention they’re 22 and 19?

“Decide ahead of time – you’re going to go that way, that was he’ll go his way, whichever way so you don’t get confused,” Michelle says.

Watch the segment for yourself.

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