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Teacher Told Students Lincoln Was a ‘N*gger-Lover’ and Michael Brown ‘Got What He Deserved’: Lawsuit

A Los Angeles family has sued their local school district after a teacher allegedly made racist remarks to their mixed-race child and another black student in class.

The lawsuit against the Los Angeles Unified School District alleges that teacher Steven Carnine made derogatory statements to students.

According to the documents, Carnine gave students a questionnaire about racial stereotypes the day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day and made offensive statements about the shooting of Michael Brown.

The suit alleges that, “In discussing the incident, Carnine said that the guy was a thug and got what he deserved. (He also said) black people are judged for not being smart because they are not smart. A lot of them are just athletes.”

He told the students that if he saw two black men while walking at night he would be “scared and think they are either going to steal from me or hurt me,”  the suit says.

The suit claims the teacher said these things directly to the mixed-race teen and the only other black student in a class of about 30 teens.

When the girl’s father complained to the principal, he was told the Carnine is “old school” and encouraged him to meet the teacher.

According to the suit, that same day, Carnine told his class that “people didn’t like Lincoln because he was a n*gger-lover.”

After that incident, the parents met with the assistant principal who reportedly dismissed their complaint and told them there is “no need to go to the press.”

The lawsuit claims the district violated the girl’s civil rights and seeks unspecified damages.

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