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Middle School Teacher Tells Kids Their Parents Aren’t Christians if They Voted for Obama

A Georgia teacher is under fire after she told her middle school students that President Obama isn’t Christian and neither are their parents if they voted for him.

According to a letter sent to the Dublin City School Board by the Dublin Laurens chapter of the NAACP, Nancy Perry told her students that President Obama is “not a Christian” and “any parent who supports him is not a Christian.”

The teacher went on to reportedly challenge her students to “prove their Christianity.”

You know, like Jesus would.

When asked about the incident, Dublin City Schools Superintendent Dr. Chuck Ledbetter told WMGT that the matter was settled internally and that teachers should avoid making those statements.

“We work to build bridges with students, not build walls,” Ledbetter said. “And talking politics, especially giving political opinions, can be very divisive.”

Members of the NAACP met with the teacher and her husband, who sits on the school board. Ledbetter admitted that her husband’s attendance at the meeting was improper.

“A board member being in a parent-teacher conference can tip the balance, or at least from the appearance, tip the balance of fairness,” he said. “It is not a practice that we can allow.”

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