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NYPD Officials Concerned Over Police Blog Filled With ‘Disturbing’ Racist Comments

Officials at the New York Police Department say they’re concerned about police blog Thee Rant where current and former NYPD officers post racist comments.

“It’s very disturbing stuff,” NYPD chief spokesman Stephen Davis told ProPublica. “Outrageous stuff. We see it. It’s a problem.”

Over the past several weeks, officers have taken to the blog to call black people “apes,” a Middle Eastern man a “third worlder” who should have his “head split open,” and Puerto Rican Day Parade attendees “old obese tatted up women stuffed into outfits they purchased or shoplifted at the local Kmart.”

“Monitoring these things is challenging,” Davis says. “There are privacy issues involved. We can’t go and peel back email names and tags and try to find out who these people are.”

The blog, which was started back in 1999 by a former officer, gained attention after it blew up following the officer-involved shooting of Walter Scott in South Carolina.

“Cop looked good in his stance,” one post said.

After the killing of Eric Garner in New York, a poster wrote, “A more accurate headline would be ‘Non Compliant Fat Bastard Gets Just Due in Resisting Law Enforcement Officers.”

“Yes, they’ll pay off the ‘family’,” another post said. “It’s a lot cheaper than a riot – and therein lies the problem… The cities of America are held hostage by the strong-arm tactics of the savages.”

“We don’t know how many active police officers are on it,” Davis told ProPublica. “If we identify active officers speaking on the site in that capacity they would be disciplined for violating policy. Unfortunately, it’s one of these things we don’t have ownership of. We don’t have any control over it. Some say that’s good, others maybe say it’s bad. It’s, in a sense, unfortunate that a lot of it is done under the banner of freedom of expression now.”

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