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VIDEO: US Marshal Goes Nuts, Smashes Woman’s Phone for Recording Him on Public Sidewalk

A new video posted on YouTube shows a US Marshall violently snatching a woman’s cellphone and smashing it on the ground after she recorded a group of officers on a public sidewalk in the Los Angeles area.

A person standing across the street recorded the woman filming a group of officers in tactical vests in South Gate, California. The woman is seen talking to the officers while recording them while they stand around seemingly ignoring her.

The video then shows a man with an assault rifle walk up to the woman. As she steps back, the man lunges at her and grabs her cellphone. After a short struggle he snatches the phone away and is seen slamming it on the ground.

He then kicks the damaged phone at the woman as the person recording the video exclaims, “Oh, sh-t!”

The person who uploaded the video identified the men as “South Gate/Montebello Police” but the blog Photography is Not a Crime reports that the man who smashed the phone, who was wearing a different type of tactical gear, is a US Marshal.

Full Video:

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