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Gay Student Stabbed in the Face With Screwdriver During ‘5-Round’ Brawl As Principal Watches and Does Nothing

Atlanta police have arrested four teens for their role in a 20-person brawl that was targeted at two gay students.

WGCL reports that 16-year-old Tim Jefferson was leaving the Carver School of Technology with a friend when several classmates began to shout homophobic and racial slurs at them.

A cell phone video obtained by WGCL shows several teens attack a young student as dozens crowd around to watch.

WGCL reports that students who witnessed the brawl described it as a “5-round fight with punches being thrown by as many as 20 students at one point.”

Jefferson tells the stations that one of the teens jammed a screwdriver into his face during the fight, right next to his eye.

“My face, my lip, on my back, my spine right in the middle, the back of my neck and I got hit in the back of my head,” Jefferson told WGCL as he pointed at his many injuries.

Jefferson added that the principal of the school watched the fight but did nothing to intervene.

“He should have called in the proper authorities,” Jefferson’s mother, Sabrina, told the station.

Sabrina told WGCL that Tim has been attacked eight times this year alone, saying he was targeted because he’s gay.

Jefferson says he hasn’t gone back to school since the incident after one of the teens threatened to shoot him if he came back.

Sabrina says she is transferring Tim to a different school but the family wants justice against his attackers.

“I want some justice,” Tim said. “If God’s willing, I’m going to get justice.”

Atlanta police have charged three of the teens with public fighting while Jefferson’s friend, who was also allegedly attacked because he’s gay, is charged with disorderly conduct.

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