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‘Put On Your Raping Shoes and Find This B*tch’: Chris Kyle Fanatics Violently Threaten Reporter Over Criticism

Fans of American Sniper Chris Kyle are attacking former RT anchor Abby Martin online over her criticism of the deceased Navy SEAL.

Martin had criticized Kyle for calling Iraqis “savages” in his book and said that American Sniper, the Bradley Cooper biopic based on his time in the Navy, is “dangerous propaganda that sanitizes a mass murdering psycho.”

The attacks really picked up after she uploaded a photo of herself wearing a “F*ck Chris Kyle’ t-shirt to Instagram.

Conservative websites quickly seized, calling on supporters to “publicly shame” her for “treasonous actions.”

Those supporters have been viciously threatening to kill and rape her. One user wrote, “Put on your raping shoes and let’s find this b*tch.”

Since the attacks began, Martin wrote on her Facebook page, “Some psychotic Chris Kyle fan just doxxed me & my family’s personal information on a bunch of sniper forums. If anything happens to me or them you know who to blame. These are the real f*cking terrorists.”

Martin shared one message by someone named Jamie Lugo, saying, “F*cking c*nt. How dare you disgrace his name like that. He gave his life so you can have yours. F*cking b*tch. Don’t worry I know where you live thanks to your ip address. And don’t worry I’m a Marine. So u won’t see me coming. I’m going to cause you pain beyond your imagination….Tic toc times running out.”

“Very telling that the #ChrisKyle fans who tell me he ‘died for my freedom’ to wear clothes are threatening to rape & kill me for free speech,” Martin tweeted.

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