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Fox Contributor to Michelle Obama: Don’t Mention Racism Because Whites Hired You Because You’re Black

Discussing Michelle Obama’s recent speech on racial issues at a historic black university, Fox News contributor Angela McGlowan said that the first lady shouldn’t mention racial issues because her and her husband’s success is a result of their skin color.

Over the weekend, Michelle Obama gave a commencement address at Tuskegee University in which she discussed how black people are not treated the same as whites in stores, have their love of America questioned, and made to feel less intelligent.

McGlowan said that the speech would have been okay at a “regular time” in American history but she shouldn’t have mentioned the racial issues now because she and President Obama have “utilized race to divide this country.”

“By saying ‘we’ and ‘against us’ is saying that there is a white oppressor, that there’s a system that’s against us,” she argued. “However, why didn’t the first lady share the reason why she got into Princeton was probably because of Affirmative Action? The reason why she became an associate at a law firm was probably because of diversity, they needed a woman — not saying that she wasn’t qualified — but they needed a woman, and a woman of color. That’s a twofer.”

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