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Duggar Family Member: ‘All Science’ Supports Theory of Creationism

Reality TV “stars” Jessa Duggar and her husband Ben Seewald posted a video on YouTube showing Ben speaking to members of the Institute for Creation Research, which they describe as the “leader in scientific research within the context of biblical creation.”

Speaking to “Dr.” Jason Lisle, Seewald asks if there is proof that God exists.

Lisle said that not only is the evidence to support that God exists is “everywhere,” but atheists don’t even exist.

“The evidence of God is ubiquitous,” Lisle said. “It is everywhere. In fact, Roman1 tells us that God has revealed himself to everyone, and what that means is, there is really no such thing as an atheist.”


He went on to explain that people who call themselves atheists are suppressing their “hard-wired” knowledge that God exists.

“So I don’t really have to give new evidence to a professing atheist,” Lisle said. “All I have to do is expose his suppressed knowledge of God.”

Although Lisle used big words like “ubiquitous” which likely confused the 19 Kids and Counting star, Seewald agreed, adding that people couldn’t have morals if they didn’t actually believe in God.

“I know there is also a lot of scientific evidence, we are here at the Institute for Creation Research and there is a lot of, really, all science points to the validation of the Genesis account,” Seewald asserted.

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