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Duke Professor: ‘Blacks’ Lazier Than Asians and Have ‘Strange’ Non-American Names

A Duke University political science professor has been placed on administrative leave after posting a lengthy racial rebuttal to a New York Times editorial about segregation in Baltimore.

Responding to a piece called ‘How Racism Doomed Baltimore,’ Duke professor Jerry Hough wrote that the author is incorrect about what is “wrong” with the black community.

“Blacks get symbolic recognition in an utterly incompetent mayor who handled this so badly from beginning to end that her resignation would be demanded if she were white,” Hough wrote. “The blacks get awful editorials like this that tell them to feel sorry for themselves.”

He went on to say that “the Asians” faced discrimination too but “they didn’t feel sorry for themselves but worked doubly hard.”

“Every Asian student has a very simple American first name that symbolizes their desire for integration,” he said. “Virtually every black has a strange new name that symbolizes their lack of desire for integration.”

He also said that “the Asians” date a lot of white people but black people refuse to date white people because other “blacks” will ostracize them.

Hough was placed on leave and the school’s Vice President of Public Affairs issued a statement saying the comments were “noxious, offensive, and have no place in civil discourse.”

Hough responded to criticism by writing another racial diatribe of an email to news station WTVD, saying:

I am, of course, strongly against the toleration of racial discrimination. I do not know what racial intolerance means in modern code words and hesitate to comment on that specific comment. In writing me, no one has said I was wrong, just racist. The question is whether I was right or what the nuanced story is since anything in a paragraph is too simple.

I am strongly against the obsession with ‘sensitivity.’ The more we have emphasized sensitivity in recent years, the worse race relations have become. In my opinion, the time has come to stop talking incessantly about race relations in general terms as the President and activists have advocated, but talk about how the Asians and Poles got ahead–and to copy their approach. I don’t see why that is insensitive or racist.


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