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Ignorant White Teen Cites TV News as Defense of Her Racist Rant About Giving ‘Them’ Free Stuff

A video posted to YouTube this month shows a Minnesota high school student blaming minorities for violent crime despite “us” giving “them” “free stuff” and then citing cable news when she’s challenged on her ignorance.

During a discussing about immigration policy at an Eden Prairie High School class, a teen girl tells her classmates, “We give them Medicare, and we give them Medicaid, and we give them free schooling, and we give them all that free stuff, and then you hear on the news how immigrants are going back over to ISIS to fight against us. When we’re giving them free stuff.”

“You hear on the news – pretty much every single person that I hear on the news that has mugged somebody, assaulted somebody, killed somebody. It’s Mexican, Somalia, black,” she insists.

A student challenges her, saying, “I can pull up at least 10 people that are white right now that have done that.”

“I said on the news,” the girl responds. “I’m saying on the news, Carlos.”

“It’s not our fault that you guys don’t talk about your white people making bad decisions,” Carlos shoots back.”

And here we thought all Fox News viewers were southern geriatrics…

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