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Police in US Kill TWO People PER DAY; Three Times as Many Black People as Whites

A new Washington Post investigation found that police around the nation have killed at least 385 people in the first five months of 2015, more than two people each day.

The Post investigation found that 365 of the 385 people killed were men and that black people are three times more likely to be killed by police than white people or other minorities.

Most of the shootings involved a suspect with a deadly weapon but a shocking 13 percent of victims shot by officers were unarmed and 3 percent had a toy gun that police say they mistook for a real weapon.

The Guardian did its own investigation looking at total shootings rather than killings and found that 464 people have been shot by police in just the first five months of this year and 102 of them were unarmed.

The Guardian added that two-thirds of unarmed victims shot by police were minorities.

While most of the shootings and killings were justified by the officers’ respective departments and cities, Justice Department official and former police chief Ronald Davis said it’s time to look past what’s justified and focus on prevention.

“We have to get beyond what is legal and start focusing on what is preventable,” Davis told WaPo. “Most are preventable… [Police] need to stop chasing down suspects, hopping fences, and landing on top of someone with a gun. When they do that, they have no choice but to shoot.”

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