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Donald Trump Touts ‘Traditional Marriage,’ CNN Hosts Asks ‘What’s Traditional About Being Married 3 Times?’

In an interview with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Sunday, CNN host Jake Tapper confronted the billionaire about his stance on “traditional marriage.”

Discussing the Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide, Trump declared that only “traditional marriage” between “a man and a woman” should be legal in the United States.

Tapper insisted, “What do you say to a lesbian who’s married or a gay man who’s married who says, ‘Donald Trump, what’s traditional about being married three times?”

“Well, they have a very good point,” Trump acknowledged. “But I’ve been a very hardworking person. And actually, I have a great marriage, I have a great wife now. My (first) two wives were very good.”

“But what do you say to a lesbian or gay man?” Tapper maintained.

“I really don’t say anything,” Trump dismissed. “I’m just, Jake, I’m for traditional marriage.”

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