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Video: Partner Reminds Cop About Body Cam But He Continues to Viciously Beat Handcuffed Man

A Colorado police officer has pleaded guilty to assault charges after his body camera recorded him brutally attacking a handcuffed suspect.

The video, which was obtained by KMGH, shows Federal Heights Officer Mark Magness kick and punch a suspect as he removed him from his patrol car back in December.

The video then shows Magness slam the man into a wall.

Later, the man appears to lunge at Magness in a holding cell, sending the officer into a fit of rage.

Magness continues to beat the man even after another officer reminds him that his body cam is on.

Magness is seen pushing his fingers into the bloodied man’s eyes as he throws him into a chair.

“I’m sorry sir,” the man is heard saying.

The other officer heard yelling, “We’re going to need medical” and points to his body camera again to which Magness replies, “I don’t care, strap him to the chair.”

Another man, Dennis Discua, told KMGH that Magness also used excessive force during his arrest several years ago.

“When I saw [the video] I remembered when he just grabbed me and I didn’t resist or nothing and he just pushed me and thew me all the way down,” Discua told the station. “The police are supposed to help people, not hurt people.”

Magness pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and had to pay a $517 fine in Discua’s case.

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