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Sandra Bland Was Pulled Over for a Lane Change Violation and Ended Up Dead in a Jail Cell

The family of Sandra Bland are crying foul after police claimed the 28-year-old committed suicide in her jail cell.

On Friday, Bland was headed from Illinois to her new home near Houston where she was set to begin her new job at Texas Prairie View A&M when she was pulled over for failing to signal when she changed lanes.

The traffic stop escalated and a video uploaded to YouTube (see below) shows officers slam Bland into the ground.

“You just slammed my head into the ground,” Bland yells as she’s arrested. “Do you even care about that? I can’t even hear.”

Bland was charged for assaulting a police officer and Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith told reporters she was “combative on the side of the road.”

On Monday morning, Bland was found dead in her jail cell. Officials said that she hanged herself.

“CPR was immediately started and Waller County EMS notified,” the sheriff’s department said in a statement. “She was pronounced deceased a short time later.”

Officials said there were no cameras in her jail cell.

“I do not have any information that would make me think it was anything other than a suicide,” Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis told The Chicago Tribune.

Her family and friends aren’t buying it, saying they are “confident” Bland was killed.

Bland’s family has retained a lawyer who told the Chicago Tribune, “The family of Sandra Bland is confident that she was killed and did not commit suicide.”

“How did a traffic violation end in death?” Bland’s friend, LaNitra Dean said to the Huffington Post. “What happened in that jail?”

“She spoke out about this type of stuff in her life, and now in her death, she’s a hashtag,” Dean added. “That’s very hard to put that in perspective. I think, that could have been me. How many times have I driven through Waller? It’s all around this country. It’s places like Waller that scares us, but it’s everywhere. There’s a deep-rooted fear.”

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