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Columnist: Obama Put ‘Minorities in a Special Class,’ Planning ‘Genocide’ Against Whites

Right-wing whackjob Sher Zieve has penned a new column for right-wing conspiracy site Barbwire, using the recent shooting by an illegal immigrant as an example of President Obama’s intent to kill whitey.

Zieve wrote that Obama is “ignoring” the “murders of young white women” because he’s planning a “race war.”

“Since Barack Hussein Obama and his criminal Syndicate took over the US White House in January 2009, black on white crime has escalated dramatically,” Zieve asserted, citing zero evidence. “Someone had to say it plainly: to the Obama Administration white lives don’t matter.”

“For any of you who happen to be white, you’re in deep trouble and it’s getting worse,” Zieve writes. “Obama has placed minorities in a special class and whites with targets on their backs. As I’ve written before, Obama and his syndicate are working overtime to begin a race war. He will have it or begin his personal genocide of… guess who?”

“As usual, we’ll be forced to fight for our lives or accept our slaughter by the hands of a Luciferian tyrant,” she added.

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