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Lafayette Gunman Was a Tea Partier, Hated Obama, Admired Hitler, Supported Westboro Baptist Church

John Russell Houser, the man who killed two people and wounded nine others in a Louisiana movie theater frequented many online forums detailing his fascination with America’s “moral decay,” his hate for liberals, and Hitler.

“America is so sick that I now believe it to be the enemy of the world,” Houser wrote on Fellowship of the Minds. “I know next to nothing about Iran, but the little I do know tells me they are far higher morally than this financially failing filth farm.”

“If you don’t think the internet is censored, try reading a newspaper from a country that hates liberals the way I do,” Houser wrote on Twitter.

In another tweet, he said, “Westboro Baptist Church may be the last real church in America [members not brainwashed].”

On other forums, Houser wrote that the US is racist against white people, sterilization should be mandatory for welfare recipients, and wrote that “Hitler accomplished far more than any other.”

In a post on Political Forum, Houser wrote that President Obama “is doing exactly what Tim McVeigh did, only the president is much more effective. The way I see it, the faster he wrecks this nation,which in no way resembles what it’s founders envisioned, the faster working people with morals may re-assume command.”

Houser was also a regular at city council meetings in Columbus City.

“He came to many City Council meetings and he was in tune with a lot of the issues that were going on in the community,” former Mayor Bobby Peters told The Miami Herald. “He was very outspoken, highly intelligent, really didn’t trust government and anything about government. He always thought something was going on behind the scenes. He came across with a very conservative agenda.”

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