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‘Deal With It Yourself’: 911 Dispatcher Hangs Up on Girl Trying to Save Friend After He Was Fatally Shot

A 911 dispatcher has resigned after he hung up on a teen who frantically called for help after her friend was shot.

Earlier this month, Esperanza Quintero and Jaydon Chavez-Silver, both 17, were at a party in Albuquerque when an unidentified person opened fire on the crowd and Chavez-Silver was shot.

Quintero quickly attempted to help him and called 911.

“I had to stop his bleeding, I had to do CPR to keep him breathing and alive,” Quintero told ABC 6. “I was frantic, I was scared.”

On the call, 911 dispatcher Matthew Sanchez asks if the wounded teen is breathing.

“He’s barely breathing,” Quintero replies. “How many times do I have to f*cking tell you?”

Sanchez ended the call after that, telling the teen, “You could deal with it yourself. I’m not going to deal with this.”

Chavez-Silver passed away from his injuries.

“I don’t know if he would have made it or not,” Quintero told ABC. “But if he had just tried to help, just a little… I said, ‘How could he do that’ and I just dropped my phone.”

Sanchez, a 10-year veteran with the fire department resigned Tuesday.

Police are still investigating the shooting.

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