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Trump Supporter Touts Deportation Plan on CNN: More Jobs for Whites ‘and Some of the Blacks’

Donald Trump supporter Terra Compton Grant appeared on CNN this morning to tout his recently released immigration plan, claiming it will provide more job for whites and “some of the blacks.”

This weekend, Trump’s campaign released a plan that would, among other things, triple the ICE budget to deport every undocumented immigrant, end birthright citizenship, and, of course, somehow make Mexico pay for a wall along the border.

On Monday, Grant appeared on CNN to tout the plan, telling host Carol Costello, “We’ve got to get a border, we’ve got to get a wall. We have a lot of illegal immigrants that come into this country, they work illegally, they make American money and then they send it back to Mexico to support their family. So, that money is going back to Mexico. So, the money is there to make that happen.”

“I love the plan,” she said. “I love the idea that, hey, let’s get some of these illegal immigrants out of the country, let’s get them out of here so maybe more whites who have not been able to acquire jobs, maybe they can get into jobs, and some of the blacks.”

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