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Pat Robertson: The World is in Chaos and Everything Bad on Earth is Caused by Homosexuality

On Tuesday’s edition of The 700 Club, Pat Robertson told a viewer wondering why American society was “so sad and lost” that pretty much everything bad in the world has been caused by Supreme Court decisions regarding homosexuality, abortion, and the Bible.

“What have we done?” Robertson asked. “The Supreme Court has ruled against prayer and Bible study in the schools, it has ruled against almost everything having to do with religion in our public life, it has ruled that abortion is a constitutional right, it has ruled that homosexuality is a constitutional right, it has now ruled that homosexual marriage is a constitutional right.”4

“It has done everything it can, and schools and educators throughout the society have done everything they can to turn us away from God,” Robertson continued. “It is a small wonder that our society is in chaos and it will be a small wonder if God doesn’t judge us. It’s just a question of how soon judgment is going to fall on this nation.”

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