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Tennessee Councilman Calls Police, Tells Them He’ll Beat ‘Black N*gger’ to Death Over Altercation

A Tennessee city councilman was recorded on a 911 call telling the dispatcher to send police officers to his towing service or “you’re going to have one deceased black n*gger down here.”

WVLT reports that City Councilman Johnny James initially calls the 911 dispatcher “sweetheart,” before telling her that, “If you don’t get 941 down here on Bright Road you’re going to have one deceased black n*gger down here.”

The operator asks James if he has any weapons in his truck, to which he replied, “No I don’t need a weapon to beat him to death with.”

Police say the two men got into an altercation over payment but no injuries were reported and no charges were filed.

James attempted to explain his comments to WVLT, saying he is not prejudiced and has many black friends but was simply frustrated that the man wouldn’t pay him.

“I regret it, I wish it had never happened, but there’s nothing I can do about it, I can’t change what the past is,” James told the station. “He kept agitating me, getting on my truck, agitating me, and he took me to the limit.”

James added that he was acting as a “private business owner” at the time of the incident, not as a city official.


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