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Liz Cheney: The ‘Gratitude’ Americans Feel for Dick Cheney is ‘Matched Only by Our Love For Him’

Former Vice President Dick Cheney appeared on CBS Sunday Morning to plug his new book and defend his administration’s foreign policies while his daughter, Liz, fawned over her father while sitting beside him.

Cheney, whose new book, Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America, will be released September 1, defended the Bush Administration’s use of waterboarding, saying, “It wasn’t torture. It was the most significant source of intelligence for us that we absolutely had to have, and that was on al Qaeda, how big they were, where they were, who their leaders were, and so forth.”

“If you’re nothing but warmth and friendliness and so forth, you seriously can’t deal with the kinds of issues I’ve had to deal with over the years,” said Cheney, who has never been mistaken for “warm.”

Cheney went on to say that he wouldn’t change a thing about how the Administration handled the Iraq War.

“There was widespread support at the time, and it was justified,” the former veep said. “I’m well known as somebody who has strongly defended that as the right thing to do. And I still believe that.”

His daughter chimed in to point out that no one has been “more courageous and dedicated and honorable” than her father.

“I know, for all of us who love you, the gratitude as Americans that we feel, is matched only by our love for him,” Liz said.

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