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Louisiana Cop Fired After Photo of Him Giving Nazi Salute at a KKK Rally, All Of His Cases Under Review

A Louisiana detective was fired Wednesday after a photo of him giving a Nazi salute at a Ku Klux Klan rally went public.

On Wednesday, the Lake Arthur Town Council voted unanimously to terminate detective Raymond Mott.

Police Chief Ray Marcantel asked the council to intervene after Mott told a local paper, “I refuse to resign.”

Mott originally claimed that he was working undercover for the FBI when he went to the Troy, North Carolina KKK rally but later admitted he lied.

Now, Mott says he’s a changed man.

“I have been baptized – after the events and have the documents to prove that – and a short wile after my baptism, I have become an ordained minister and started a charity-based ministry in Lake Arthur,” Mott says.

Mott is threatening to sue the town, arguing that the proper guidelines weren’t followed leading up to his termination.

According to the District Attorney’s office, Mott quickly became the officer with the most arrests in the Lake Arthur Police Department after joining the force but it took just 30 days before the department began receiving complaints about his conduct.

District Attorney Michael Cassidy says his office is now investigating the complaints and reviewing all of Mott’s cases.

Cassidy says charges are likely to be dropped in any case where the only evidence is Mott’s testimony.

“In order to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt, I’d need evidence to corroborate anything he saw or said,” Cassidy told the Jennings Daily News.

Image credit: Jennings Daily News

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