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Conservative Radio Host: ‘Homosexual Gaystapo’ Will Murder Christians Like Kim Davis in ‘Reign of Terror’

End Times radio host Rick Wiles lost his mind after the Kentucky clerk Kim Davis was taken into custody for contempt of court and ranted that her imprisonment is only the beginning of the “homosexual gaystpo’s reign of terror.”

“Kim Davis’ imprisonment is only the beginning of the reign of terror by the Obamanista communist regime’s gaystapo,” Wiles said. “If I am right about America being Mystery Babylon, eventually the blood of the saints is one of the attributes of Mystery Babylon in the Last Days. When Babylon’s economy collapses, so too will its old constitutional republic framework. What will ensue in the aftermath of a massive economic collapse will be bloody and brutal tyrannical repression of Christianity by the Jesus-hating homosexual gaystapo.”

“Just like the militant homosexuals who terrorized Germany in the 1930s through the Nazis, the National Socialist Party, the Democratic Party is the new National Socialist Party, the Nazis,” Wiles added.

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