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Pat Robertson Goes on Epic Kim Davis Rant, Says Anyone ‘Who Believes in God Now Sent to Jail’

Pat Robertson hailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis once again for her stance against gay marriage and claimed that she is a hero for challenging the “criminalization of Christianity” on Wednesday.

“Christianity, the founding principle of this nation, is criminalized,” Robertson said on the latest episode of the 700 Club. “You go to jail if you believe in God and stand fast for your beliefs against the onslaught of secular humanism and the flood that comes about with it.”

“Kim Davis is not exactly that champion we’d all want to stand up for our beliefs,” Robertson admitted. “But nevertheless she did it and she’s the heroine of the piece, but there will be many, many others.”

As Right Wing Watch notes, “Somehow, Robertson himself has avoided a prison sentence, despite the alleged criminalization of Christianity in America.”

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