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Republican Congressman: Legal Abortion ‘The Worst Human Rights Atrocity’ in US History

Forget slavery, Japanese internment camps, Jim Crow laws, and polio blankets, Republican Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona says allowing women to choose whether to carry a pregnancy to term is “the worst human rights atrocity in the history of the United States.”

During Wednesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on what Republicans called “the horrific abortion practices at the nation’s largest abortion provider,” Franks called for the defunding of planned parenthood.

“What is so liberating about brutally and painfully dismembering living, helpless little human babies?” Franks asked.

Franks went on to claim that fetuses aborted after 20 weeks “cried and screamed as they died, but because it was amniotic fluid going over the vocal cords instead of air, we couldn’t hear them.”

Franks concluded by saying he is “protecting these little babies and their mothers” against the “evil acts” of Planned Parenthood.

“The sands of time should blow over this Capitol dome before we give Planned Parenthood another dime of taxpayer money,” he said.

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