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Australian Woman’s Racist Birthday Photos Go Viral

The racist photos from an Australian woman’s 21st birthday party have gone viral and angered plenty of people. The girl, who is only being identified by her first name of Olivia, posted a series of racist photos from her birthday to Facebook, which included guests being dressed up in blackface and Klan attire. After Tumble user Black in Asia posted the shots and Olivia began to get wind of the controversy she causes, she still refused to apologize or take down the photos.

Olivia then took to her own Tumblr page to justify the racist photos, claiming that it was an “African themed” party that did not have any ill-intent. “MAJORITY of my guests came as animals that can be found in Africa or wore traditional african clothes,” she wrote. “Some guest did decide to paint themselves, although this is no way my intention or encouraged in the slightest.”

However, perhaps the most unfortunate comment in her typo-filled explanation was her basic lack of geography knowledge. “If anything, this was to celebrate the amazing country and people,” she explained. Even Olivia’s own Facebook friends slammed the photos, accusing them of being both tasteless and racist. The girl eventually apologized and removed the racist photos, although they have now already gone viral.

The photos come on the heels of a new study which shows an increase in migrants to Australia reporting they have experienced racism and discrimination. Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane said the findings matched statistics by the Human Rights Commission, which highlighted figures from the 2012-2013 that showed there had been a 59 percent increase from the previous year in racial vilification complaints.

(Photo: Facebook)

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