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Watch London Man Spout Racist Asian Rant On Subway

A London man spouting racist abuse at an Asian woman on the subway was arrested and a video of the incident has gone viral. In the six-minute rant, an unidentified man who is visibly drunk accused the Asian woman of torturing his relative and called her “nasty.” He has since been arrested on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offense.

The video shows the man claiming his uncle died in the River Kwai during the Second World War, and accused the Asian woman of being directly responsible for it. “You tortured him. Get yourself off the train, get yourself off the train,” he yelled. “You’re nasty people. I mean this s*it. You’re nasty people. F*ck off. Get out of my country.”

The woman being abused defends herself by declaring she isn’t nasty, while the man filming the footage questions the drunk 52-year-old as to why he has such racist views. “She doesn’t even f*cking realize that she’s a bad man. The Japanese are bad, same as the Germans,” he ranted. “What do you know…I’ve done two tours in Northern Ireland and the Falklands. Don’t even f*cking look at me.” He then aggressive dangled a bottle of the wine in the cameraman’s face.

British Transport Polie confirmed the man was arrested after “an investigation was launched after we were made aware of a YouTube clip of a man using racist language on board a Bakerloo line train.” He was released on bail, but is due back on court on Oct. 30.

(Photo: YouTube)

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