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Was Rep. Alan Grayson’s Tea Party-Ku Klux Klan Comparison Out Of Line?

Did Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson cross the line with an e-mail that compared the Tea Party to the KKK? Grayson sent out an e-mail earlier this week that included an image of two Klansmen standing near a burning cross, with the cross used to help spell out “tea party” in the burning flames. Tea Party members have now accused him of hate speech, while the National Republican Congressional Committee have also publicly condemned the remarks.

But while the GOP have also blasted Grayson, he is refusing to apologize for his message. “I’m calling them out for their hate. That’s not wrong. That needs to be done,” he said. “So many members of the Tea Party have engaged in hate speech against the president, against the first lady, against numerous members of the Congress and against me. And we could give you examples of that.”

While Grayson acknowledged that the Tea Party has not acted violently in the same manner that the KKK has in the past, he didn’t rule that out as a possibility. “You may recall that there were people that brought automatic weapons to president’s speeches,” he explained. What were they trying to convey? They were members of the Tea Party.”

NRCC spokesman Matt Gorman denied that the Tea Party was racist and said that if anything, Grayson was the one engaging in hate speech. “House Democrats should swiftly and strongly condemn him and return the money he has raised for them,” he said in a statement. “This hate-filled rhetoric has Americans fed up with Washington.”

The Tea Party initially faced comparisons to the KKK earlier this month when someone brought a confederate flag to one of their rallies in Washington D.C.

(Photo: Dave Levinthal)

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