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Was Rep. Alan Grayson’s Tea Party-Ku Klux Klan Comparison Out Of Line?

Did Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson cross the line with an e-mail that compared the Tea Party to the KKK? Grayson sent out an e-mail earlier this week that included an image of two Klansmen standing near a burning cross, with the cross used to help spell out “tea party” in the burning flames. Tea Party members have now accused him of hate speech, while the National Republican Congressional Committee have also publicly condemned the remarks.

But while the GOP have also blasted Grayson, he is refusing to apologize for his message. “I’m calling them out for their hate. That’s not wrong. That needs to be done,” he said. “So many members of the Tea Party have engaged in hate speech against the president, against the first lady, against numerous members of the Congress and against me. And we could give you examples of that.”

While Grayson acknowledged that the Tea Party has not acted violently in the same manner that the KKK has in the past, he didn’t rule that out as a possibility. “You may recall that there were people that brought automatic weapons to president’s speeches,” he explained. What were they trying to convey? They were members of the Tea Party.”

NRCC spokesman Matt Gorman denied that the Tea Party was racist and said that if anything, Grayson was the one engaging in hate speech. “House Democrats should swiftly and strongly condemn him and return the money he has raised for them,” he said in a statement. “This hate-filled rhetoric has Americans fed up with Washington.”

The Tea Party initially faced comparisons to the KKK earlier this month when someone brought a confederate flag to one of their rallies in Washington D.C.

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  • ArtfulEric

    Oh, I disagree with Sen. Grayson. The Tea Party is much closer to the infamous John Birch Society than to the KKK. They were evil, too.

  • Tom Sapp


  • Owen Johnson

    I think he was very close to the truth. Then the Teapublicans immediately blame Democrats for hate speech, just like they blame them for everything they do themselves. It’s past time for Democrats and Liberals to get as mean as the GOP and Tea Party. Fight back!

    • Jacalyn

      yes we all need to fight back

      • justbarry60

        The progressives need to learn how to spin stuff like the right does. Why are they so much better at it. Little read, isnulated whites, who believe bubba, are easily convinced. Don’t let them get away with it know some facts. It is way past time to start calling them on there “a reiliable source” facts. PUSH BACK!

  • mangosmum

    He is right..they are racists. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be saying all the disgusting things about the Obamas. Go Alan…we are behind you in this one. Speak your mind.

  • Pamela Gabrielle Akir

    Before Pres. Obama was sworn in office they said they would make him a one term President… this told me that they would do everything they could to make his time in the white house as difficult as possible, and that they had no desire or willingness to work with him! Their main objective is to destroy him! They will do anything it takes like shutting down the government! And its all because he’s a black man! No! Mr. Grayson shouldn’t apologize, it’s the truth that’s how they act, that’s the message they send, and I believe that’s exactly who they are!

    • Jacalyn


    • justbarry60

      The only time in my life, I have heard our country wishing our president to fail. This took place before he had a chance. Why would any good American wish for the president to fail??????? I agree he shouldn’t apologize! It is time to play a little hardball with these antiquaited thinkers. The progressives let them get away with too much.

      • Reva Cordray Braman

        I have been sickened by the hatred spread by the Tea Party. They have done little to hide their resemblance the KKK. They have the same narrow views of the world. They have the same hatred for minorities and women’s rights. If it looks like a turd, smells like a turd and came out of Fox News, it is shit!

  • Patricia Kidd Ryce

    Alan Grayson DID NOT cross the line!!!!!!! He just exposed the Tea Party for what they really are. RACIST! REPUBLICAN! RATS! They are no better than the KKK because most of them are members of the KKK!!! They have been extremely unfair, rude, disrespectful, and obnoxious, not only to the POTUS, FLOTUS, and their children, but the entire Democratic Party, and Americans that support PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!!

  • Celtic_Warrior56

    Rep Grayson is telling the truth… The Tea Party is the new face of Hatred… They can be upset and the only reasoin they are is cause it is true..

  • Amy Gullia

    I thought they were KKK

  • RealitySuxx

    Rep Grayson is speaking the TRUTH and they know it. At every turn they have showed their true colors towards this President and his family and those that support him. They do not even respect the Office of the POTUS …. at every turn they have showed us who they are – racists.

  • Jacalyn

    I also agree that the tea party or the people interest in the tea party are Racist Rats that are giving President Obama a killing with him being president and I think they want the poor people poorer while the rich are getting richer Come on people open your eyes before its too late and we voted these rats in office come on american people have to get our shit together and real soon

  • Danny Cutting

    High time the Democratic Party called the T’s what they are…RACISTS! There have been no end of racist statements about our President and the first family. It is vile and unforgivable . You make your bed…you lie in it!

  • katgal1232

    The Democratic party has not been outspoken enough, he nailed it!

  • Carmelita Myers

    The tea party does not call out hate speech when it’s delivered by their own. When that happens, Grayson will be have crossed the line. So far, he is only calling them out.

  • Larry Martin

    I never see any of these lines people talk about, so NO he did not. He expressed his opinion which appears to be factual.

  • Thomas W. Yale

    Speaking objectively and calmly, I believe that Grayson has made valid comparisons between them. You can make comparisons between any two things, but the commonalities between the things being compared make some comparisons more substantial than others. The Tea Party hates the President based on his race. The Klu Klux Klan hates blacks based on their race. Unreasoning, excessive hate based on race is a common, essential attribute to both and thus makes the comparison valid.

  • Judy

    Of course they are comparative to the KKK, if not members of it. These people are dangerous, hateful and disrespectful. They need to be voted out one lousy member at a time. This country needs to go forward and concentrate on better technology, which is out there and being kept from being used, because of the greed of these certain people who want the dark ages to remain so they can have control. President Obama needs to stand his ground and keep pushing forward. He has alot of people behind him. The Civil War is over and the North won. Down with the Tea Party and its cohorts.

  • alykatma

    I am willing bet KKK members are also teabaggers.

  • alykatma

    remember the lynched Obama effigies, one recent one by KKK (Headbaggers)

  • David

    Where was the outrage during the last 5 years or so while the republicans were tripping over each other trying to outdo each other belittling the President. Not one republican, save McCain back in ’08 when he corrected a lady at one of his rallies. Other than that, no leader or otherwise said a mumbling word. The most vile acts of hatred & racism since the 60’s. You rock Rep. Grayson. Try as they might, they still are unable to prevent him from helping those that don’t have money or a voice to represent them. Remember, these are same people that were meeting during his swearing in ceremony that were vowing to make him a one term President. How that work out. Now they intent on blocking everything he proposes, even at the risk of shutting down the government. Keep the hating up & they won’t see the inside of the White House unless they’re invited by a Democratic President!!!!!

  • Brian Byers

    Wow, the Tea Party are called out for the racists that they are and all the hateful and divisive speech they spew against the POTUSand now they cry foul?

  • diablodejalisco

    the truth hurts. everyone knows the tea party is racist.